Sustainability is always at the forefront our minds here at Avitrex.

    Global Responsibility

    We are dedicated to ensuring that all our projects accomplish our economic, environmental and social responsibility while ensuring the best results for our clients and society. We are committed to acting responsible and considering the effect of our impact on communities, the planet and individuals.

    As a mutli-national company we understand the importance of engagement within the local communities, it is vital in supporting their social and economical self-sustainability growth.

    Our Constant search for new innovation is key to ensuring our commitment to providing sustainable solutions is achievable within our major projects, our company and the industry overall. Here at Avitrex we pride ourselves on conducting all business within an ethical manner.


    Committed to a Greener Footprint

    Despite working in some of the world’s most remote locations we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, we aim to locally resource as much of materials as possible. Reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring that we are supporting the local communities and their economies.

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