About Avitrex

Our Company

Avitrex is a firm comprising of a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges as an integrated solutions provider, we deliver the most complex and challenging projects, anywhere in the world.

Avitrex’ s integrated solutions cover the entire capital project lifecycle: engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and start-up, maintenance and project management.

At Avitrex we believe that the cross delivery between expertise, services, markets and geographies is the key to ensuring transformative outcomes are achieved. This is continuously suited to the tailored requirements of our clients in all the sectors. Avitrex’s project portfolio is a diverse collection.

Varying from: delivering clean water and energy, supporting and connecting local communities and economies through building roads, tunnels, bridges and transit systems, planning new cities. With the key intention of supporting local governments to improving standard and quality of living in addition to the safety of all citizens.

Our History

The firm’s partners were participating in various projects in operation across the world decided to merge their resources as well as their projects for the last decade under one umbrella in 2018. This led to the formation of Avitrex.

  • March 2005

    We first established our reputation working on the Delta Oil and gas project

  • May 2015

    We continued to expand our services and refine our team members to create a unified vision for global project solutions.

  • January 2019

    Avitrex is established as a global provider for large-scale project solutions and to unify our services.


  • Dr Toju S Daibo


  • Mr Ali Wazir

    Business development

  • Frederick Fuglesang

    Head of Project Controls and innovation

  • Yanzuguyamah Anne Pankillata Rawlings

    Head of Communications

  • David Stapley

    Commissioning Manager

  • Stuart McGowan

    Lead Estimating Engineer

  • Terrence Emile

    Head of Private Placement