We have expertise in a wide array of sectors and provide guidance and knowledge to our clients to assist them in getting the most out of each project.


    At Avitrex we understand that Infrastructure refers to the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or other area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function.

    We work with governments in private and public partnership agreements to bring such projects to fruition. We have an active interest in projects in the areas of Civil, Rail, Aviation and Power.


    Oil & Gas

    Avitrex and its partners can deliver models for project services from development through engineering and construction of capital projects for operating facilities in oil and gas as well as delivery of products. Special interest in projects in areas of construction and delivery of refineries, tank farm storage, LNG as well as the supply of the oil and gas products to the broader market.

    Energy and Power

    Increasing demands for energy and power is a constant source of concern globally.  Specific areas of expertise include fossil fuel, nuclear and hydroelectric power-generating facilities, as well as the latest renewable and alternative energy technologies.


    Mining and Metals

    Avitrex recognises the shortage in avenues for delivery to market of mining and metal products, particularly in emerging markets. We have a strong interest and capability to deliver mining and projects. Service offering in this area would include planning and construction of production plants, as well as feasibility studies and exploration.


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