Ethics and Values

Here at Avitrex we pride ourselves on conducting all business within an ethical manner. We ensure our core values and beliefs are upheld at all times by all employees and representatives of the company.

    Ethical and Sustainable

    Our code of conduct is developed from our core beliefs as found in the Our Values section this enables us to ensure that all the decisions made are ethical, sustainable and in the best interest of the client’s needs. Our aim is to build on-going business with like-minded professionals that are directed by similar beliefs to ours.


    Our Values

    Avitrex values are the foundation of the company, they set the boundaries and principles of how we want the company to operate. They are embedded in all the work we conduct and are essential in providing key guidelines for employees on, how to conduct themselves at all times.

    Avitrex is built on the following core values:

    • Safety
    • Knowledge
    • Expertise
    • Sustainability
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Inclusion

    Quality Control

    A crucial aspect of what we do is the assessment of the quality of the work and individuals that are contracted to the various projects. We are dependent on the partners we hire with varied expertise and ensure that the work produced meets the highest standards of the results we pride ourselves on.

    Quality work reduces costs and it improves the time schedule in bringing projects to completion. We are committed to achieving the highest quality by making our decisions on solid facts and identifying solutions for issues with transparency and promptly.


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